Simplify, save and succeed with SupplyBank

SupplyBank revolutionises temporary staffing for Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs).

Centralise your staffing through an exclusive Managed Service. With guaranteed delivery of high-quality, compliant educators.

Benefit from savings on staffing costs, streamlined complete control over bookings and invoicing, with comprehensive reporting, while being fully compliant.

Compliance assurance

Our alignment with the Pagabo framework ensures all procurement processes adhere to UK public procurement laws. Providing transparency, fairness, and peace of mind that your trust’s staffing needs are managed ethically.

Our promise to you

Workforce Resourcing

90%+ booking rate

Get the highest fulfilment rate through the UK’s widest educator network.


One strategic partner

One connection. Thousands of educators.
Consistency for you and your MAT. 


Up to 10% saving on supply spend

We commit to deliver annual savings up to 10% of your supply staff spend.


Simplified systems & full transparency

A centralised solution offering full transparency and booking management over all supply staff.

Your managed service solution

Simplify your supply staffing with centralised management of all staffing agencies through a single provider. To deliver you the right educators, at the right time, for the greatest value.

An exclusive agreement

Your Master Vendor has an exclusive agreement with you to supply educators via a tiered supply chain of recruitment agencies.

Your guarantee of delivery

Fulfils all temporary staffing needs and meets agreed service levels. Ensures compliance, quality and safeguarding standards are met.

More effective staffing

A combination of the platform, account team, reporting, and integrated invoicing streamline hiring and improve efficiencies for your MAT.

Why us?

SupplyBank, part of the Supporting Education Group, offers you exceptional access to solutions for the biggest challenges in the education sector.

Data Protection

Robust compliance

Our alignment with the Pagabo framework and diligence ensures transparent, fair and compliant staffing for your trust.


Unmatched educator access

With access to the highest tier staffing agencies, we commit to unmatched educator quality and reliability.


Intuitive online platform

With streamlined and complete management of your bookings, invoicing, safeguarding and reporting. You have a platform to meet the needs of all your schools.


Dedicated account team

Your dedicated account team is at the heart. Bringing together smart technology offered by the platform and a top fulfilment rate offered by your access to suppliers.

SupplyBank comes with zero set up fees and zero platform license fees

Key features

Discover how SupplyBank benefits you and your MAT



Placing bookings​

  • Place bookings with detailed tracking and management. ​
  • Talent pool management.​

Booking approval​

  • Approve or reject booking requests.​
  • Informed by detailed information and analytics.​

Overview and tracking​

  • View all bookings and vacancy pipeline management.​
  • Status, source and details of all bookings.​


Timesheet Oversight

& Management

Complete transparency with invoicing and timesheets​

  • Simplified submission and approval of timesheets. ​
  • View and review invoices.​
  • Track all timesheets and invoices for compliance and audits.​
  • Instant access to all timesheet and invoice data.​
  • Handle timesheets and invoices seamlessly within a single platform.​


Take Control

With Data

Dashboards to make analytics work for you​

  • Interact with dashboards to drill down into specific info.​
  • See an overview of workforce data, including the number of candidates, suppliers, and sourcing channels.​
  • In-depth analysis to identify trends and root causes.​
  • Interactive data exploration, filter by role category or sourcing channel.


Compliance &


Peace of mind for your trust​

  • Ensures compliance by managing and displaying necessary documentation.​
  • Verification of compliance-related documents through rigorous supplier audits.​
  • Complete transparency and visibility of safeguarding.​
  • Maintaining a single centralised vetting record.


Cost control & savings

SupplyBank gives you cost efficiencies while maintaining consistent high standards.

Preferential daily rates

From our Tier 1 suppliers, Protocol Education and Teaching Personnel.

Pre-agreed booking rate cards

Give you cost control regardless of the agency that fills a booking.

Comprehensive reporting tools

For strategic financial planning, transparency around temporary staffing and future commitments.

A single monthly invoice

With a full transparent breakdown of pay, oncosts, margin and charge rate for a more efficient service.

Secure & retain top talent

applications processed each year

Educators available from Tier 1 providers

attended free webinars & CPD sessions

education professionals signed up for qualifications

Benefit from the investments we make to attract the best educators to apply for your roles. We invest £500,000 a year in the attraction of teachers and learning support staff for primary, secondary and special schools. 

Benefits with SupplyBank

  • Enhance your brand as an employer
  • A flow of talent for your roles
  • Offer specialist CPD focused on skills you need in schools.
  • Provide innovative routes to train your teachers


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