A commitment to education

Supporting Education Group’s mission is to enhance and enrich young people’s education. This is why we exist. We believe that education is a vital social good that transforms lives and sustains communities.


Everything we do is underpinned by our commitment to building happier societies through improving outcomes for children.

Our mission

Our Values


People at the heart of everything we do


Passion for education

Data and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial        spirit

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How we apply our principles

We make good on our principles through the work of our three divisions.

Workforce Resourcing

Educator Talent Solutions

Our Educator Talent Solutions Division helps thousands of schools and educators deliver millions of hours of teaching and education support every year.

Education Management Services

Education Management Services

Our Education Management Services Division provides schools, senior leaders and teachers with best-in-class professional advice, consultation, accreditation and systems.



Our Tuition Division helps parents augment their children’s education with excellent tuition resources that harness the best people and the latest technologies.

Education Experts

Education experts

Whether they are senior leaders, teachers or support staff, educators perform one of the hardest, most important jobs around. They deserve the assistance of seasoned specialists.

At Supporting Education, we are proud to call ourselves experts. Our roots in the education sector go back over 40 years. Across our divisions and companies, we bring an unparalleled array of market-leading knowledge and experience together under one roof. Schools, teachers and parents rely on these services to help change young lives.

Education Experts

Our people


Our success starts with our people. Everyone we hire has been selected because of their passion for education and dedication to ensuring bright futures for children. That might be through classroom instruction, online tutoring, helping schools recruit new teachers or providing professional services for MATs. What matters are the values they hold.

Because we know we hold those values in common, we do everything we can to cultivate and develop our employees. We provide excellent opportunities for growth, training and progression. We do this because we care about our people. But we also know it all feeds back into the quality of service we provide to parents and educators.

Supporting Education is here for parents, for teachers, for schools, and above all, for children. We hope to continue making a material difference through top-tier services for many years to come

Over 40 Years of Experience in the Education Sector