Supporting Education Group HubSpot Centre


How do I login to HubSpot?

Click on the HubSpot login link above. When prompted, enter your email address and password you received in your invitation email. 
Choose the ‘SEG’ account, with ID 26661908. 

Why do I have access to over 200,000 contacts?

Alongside your existing customer base, HubSpot draws publicly available data from Edubase via our Data warehouse. This includes school – or ‘corporate’ – contacts who have a school email address. 

Why can I see over 60,000 companies?

Like with contacts, HubSpot draws data via the Data warehouse. Which is sourcing from both your CRM data and publicly available data from Edubase. This means HubSpot includes a list of 1000s of schools, MATs, and other organisations. Most of whom will not be leads or clients. 

Why can I see lists or other assets from other Business units?

We’re working to address this in all areas. However, if you have found you’re seeing assets, data, emails, collateral, reports or anything else you feel you shouldn’t.
Please add this to our snag list.

I can see properties in HubSpot with my business unit in brackets - what does this mean?

We’ve set up some properties within HubSpot which are specific to each business unit. Such as ‘Lifecycle stage’. Each business may have a shared contact, but that contact may be in a separate lifecycle stage.
For example. Teaching Personnel may have a Contact or Company who is a ‘Customer’. While Judicium has that same Contact or Company who is a ‘Lead’. 

Are we using the HubSpot CRM?

No is the short answer. 
HubSpot offers different ‘Hubs’. With Sales, Operations, and Marketing hubs. We are using the Marketing Hub only. At the Enterprise level. 

What is the HubSpot Marketing Hub?

HubSpot offers different ‘Hubs’. We’re using only the Marketing Hub. Which gives us access to lists, emails, run campaigns, build landing pages, set up workflows, offer personalisation, and report on ROI. 

With HubSpot, can I create a blog or website?

No, not with our setup. 
The intention is you will continue to use your existing website platform with their built-in blog functionality. 

Helpful videos

HubSpot introductory training

HubSpot/Zoom integration

EMS Onboarding Session 

HubSpot Contact Properties and Contact Lists

Logging into HubSpot

Using HubSpot Deal data

Tap into HubSpot support

HubSpot support via SEG

Raise an issue on the snag list

Send an email to SEG

Reach out to Digital Litmus via ClickUp

Share your feedback

We’re open to any ideas, suggestions or feedback you have. Let us know. 

HubSpot Data Disclaimer

Please note that we must adhere to both the HubSpot conditions of service as well as data protection laws (as set out by our data protection officer).

HubSpot’s acceptable use document can be found here – .

We suggest reading and getting familiar with its contents.

Of particular note, it requires us to agree that:

  • Any emails sent using the service are not false or misleading (it should be clear which company the communication comes from);
  • Users are given clear instructions on how to opt out of communications where applicable;
  • No financial information should be kept on profiles, such as credit or debit card numbers, financial account numbers, wire instructions, government identification numbers (such as social security and passport numbers), biometric data or personal health information.

Individual emails vs Work emails
A reminder, be cautious using non-work email addresses. Always follow the rules on individual subscribers.