October 3, 2023

Being in school matters: Your guide to tackling low attendance

In a world filled with distractions and challenges, there’s one simple but powerful factor that can make all the difference in a student’s life: school attendance. It’s more than just showing up for class; it’s about nurturing social skills, building resilience, and ensuring every child’s basic needs are met.

This free guide from Thrive dives deep into the importance of being in school and how it impacts the lives of children and young people.

Discover why school attendance isn’t just about getting good grades but also about fostering emotional well-being and creating a safe space for growth. Explore the factors that are currently affecting attendance rates and why addressing the attendance crisis is more crucial than ever. Plus, gain insights into practical strategies that schools and communities can implement to kickstart lasting transformation.

Download this insightful guide that sheds light on the profound impact of school attendance and offers actionable steps to help students thrive.

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