May 22, 2023

New podcast episode! Behaviour: How to engage with hard-to-reach children

Persistent disruptive behaviour is the most common reason for permanent exclusions, recorded 1,500 times – or 39 per cent of permanent exclusions. The same reason was also the most common cause of all suspensions, recorded 148,400 times or 42 per cent of suspensions.   

Behaviour is something that can make a huge difference to the culture of a school and to the wellbeing of staff and pupils. It’s something that we will be focusing on in a CPD keynote session on May 23 when author, behaviour specialist and teacher Adele Bates will be sharing her expertise around how educators can engage with hard-to-reach children whose behaviour may be particularly concerning.   

In the podcast, Adele gives an insight into what delegates will gain from taking part in the two-hour session, with an emphasis on practical strategies so that educators feel confident in supporting pupils to improve their behaviour. 

Have a listen to discover: 

  • Real-life examples of behaviour issues that Adele has encountered – and the strategies she used to get a different outcome 
  • The importance of curiosity when it comes to unpicking classroom behaviour 
  • Why neuroscience is key when it comes to understanding behaviour 
  • The importance of examining our own behaviours and attitudes when it comes to de-escalation 
  • The impact of the pandemic on behaviour 

    Grab a cuppa and a biscuit and have a listen here to find out how you can improve things in your school.

    To attend Adele’s CPD session on May 23 click here to book a place at Behaviour: How to engage with hard-to-reach children 

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