July 13, 2023

Helping Schools Work with Sustainable, Impact Focussed Service Providers

Our recently published ESG and Impact Report details the efforts we are making across the group to deliver impact focussed, sustainable services for our customers. We appreciate this is an area of growing importance for school leaders. It is for us too. In a recent survey, 86% of school leaders said it is important that service providers commit to environmental sustainability. 97% of school leaders think it’s important that providers are able to evidence their impact. To find out more about what we are looking to achieve in the three areas – environmental, social and governance, please download our report. 

A Message from Jonathan Roback – Group CEO

I’m delighted to be reporting on ESG and impact. It’s vitally important for organisations to be taking responsibility for climate change and improving society, both in the short and long term. Impacting on young people’s outcomes and aspirations is central to everything we do and this report is an important step forward in our journey.

Developing an ESG and impact approach has helped us to think more deeply about how we can respond to local, national and global challenges. It has helped us to focus on the areas where we can drive positive change and raise awareness and accountability amongst our customers and stakeholders.

I look forward with positivity and confidence on what we will continue to do to improve upon our impact and do our best by our communities.

Jonathan Roback – Group CEO

Download our ESG and Impact Report

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