May 20, 2024

England School Holidays 2024: When Do Schools Break Up For Summer?

Planning your summer around school holidays? This guide to England’s term dates and half-term breaks for 2024 is your one-stop shop!

When is the 2024 Summer Half Term Holiday?

Most schools in England will kick off their Summer Half Term on Monday 27 May 2024, coinciding with the Spring Bank Holiday, and run through to Friday 31 May 2024.

When Do Schools Break Up For Summer?

Schools typically break up for summer on Wednesday 24 July 2024, with most holidays officially starting on Thursday 25 July 2024.

Exact dates can vary slightly between schools. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information, check with your local council. The UK government’s website has a handy tool that lets you enter your postcode to find your council’s website quickly

When Do The Summer Holidays End?

The hustle and bustle of school life usually resumes around the beginning of September. Autumn term dates typically start between Monday 2 September 2024 and Wednesday 4 September 2024.

Term Schedule

Note: While the below tables are a great starting point, always double-check directly with your child’s school for the most accurate term dates.

Summer Term 2024

Period Dates
Term Five Monday 15 April 2024 to Friday 24 May 2024
Half Term Monday 27 May 2024 to Friday 31 May 2024
Term Six Monday 3 June 2024 to Wednesday 24 July 2024
Summer Break Thursday 25 July 2024 to Friday 30 August 2024

Autumn Term 2024

Period Dates
Term One Monday 2 September 2024 to Friday 25 October 2024
Half Term Monday 28 October 2024 to Friday 1 November 2024
Term Two Monday 4 November 2024 to Friday 20 December 2024
Christmas Break Monday 23 December 2024 to Friday 3 January 2025

Ready to Set Your Schedule?

This guide provides a roadmap for England’s 2024 school holidays. Use these dates to plan getaways, schedule activities, or simply mark down those precious days of family time. Remember to confirm specific dates with your child’s school, and get set for a relaxing (or adventurous!) summer break!

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