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July 7, 2023

Reformed NPQs – a success story

Let’s start by reflecting on the success of the reformed NPQs to date. The number of teachers starting NPQs has grown impressively since the reforms were introduced in 2021. The reforms were designed to make NPQs more accessible and relevant to teachers. Several changes were made, including:

  • Extending the funding for the NPQs to make them more accessible
  • Making them more flexible, so that teachers can complete them part-time or online
  • Launching a new range of Specialist NPQs designed to support teachers in the post-pandemic era and offer an alternate career pathway for experienced teachers

These changes appear to have been successful in attracting more teachers to the NPQs with 51,000 starts in under two years. This is in sharp contrast with a total of around 33,500 NPQ starts for the four years from 2017/18 to 2020/21. That is a growth from an average of around 8,000 a year to well over 30,000 a year – quite a statement.  On top of this, the participant satisfaction rates are high, demonstrating that the qualifications are on point in terms of content, delivery, and support.

The increase in starts is particularly notable given the challenges that schools have faced in recent years. The pandemic placed a great deal of stress on teachers, and it is encouraging to see that so many are still choosing to invest in their professional development.

Building your professional network

As well as the professional development and career enhancing opportunities, many participants find an unexpected and welcome outcome of taking an NPQ is the professional relationships they build.

Teachers embarking on an NPQ journey with Best Practice Network, can grow their professional network with in-person interactions and collaborative networking during multiple Face-to-Face events and with the online learning groups.  And the whole experience is of course fully funded by the DfE.

Considering an NPQ? Here’s what you can expect…


Face-to-Face Events

  • Expert facilitation: You will have the opportunity to learn from experienced school leaders, renowned educators, and subject matter experts
  • Peer collaboration: Connect and network with other professionals who are just as passionate about education as you are. These connections often lead to long-lasting professional relationships
  • National qualification, delivered locally: The Best Practice Network Face-to-Face events are set up across England, to allow easy access to events for as many participants as possible


Online Groups

The online learning platform at Best Practice Network is called Canvas. This allows participants to engage with their learning communities of peers and access multimedia content. Here is what you can expect:

  • Engage in lively discussions and knowledge-sharing with educators from various backgrounds and educational settings, allowing you to connect with a diverse network of professionals that leads to a broader exchange of ideas and perspectives
  • Access the most recent research, aligned to the curriculum content for the qualification
  • Receive high-quality feedback from experienced performance coaches


In summary, the growth in the number of teachers taking an NPQ is a positive sign. It shows that teachers are committed to their professional development. It is also a clear indicator that the content, facilitation and support provided is meeting expectations.

As well as supporting career progression, the NPQs provide an excellent opportunity for teachers to expand their peer network and foster professional relationships that last.

Best Practice Network is rated ‘an exceptional training provider’ by the DfE.


NPQ deadline approaching: 25th July 2023

Do not miss out on the full funding available from the DfE, start your application today!

If you would like to find out more, visit our website, email us at or call on 0117 920 9428.

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