Thrive Takes a Primary School from ‘Inadequate’ to 100% Parental Approval
July 8, 2022
Thrive Takes a Primary School from ‘Inadequate’ to 100% Parental Approval

A struggling primary school in Cornwall has been transformed by a patented pupil wellbeing approach pioneered by Supporting Education Group company Thrive.

When Dr Tim Cook became the headteacher of Liskeard Hillfort Primary School in 2016, he took the reins of a school that was, in his words, ‘inadequate, for a variety of reasons’. Staff morale was struggling and pupil behaviour was consistently challenging. Something needed to change.

Dr Cook decided to try the Thrive Approach®, a methodology for improving emotional health and development in young people based in neuroscience and psychology.

Thrive was implemented across Liskeard Hillfort through a range of innovative solutions and additions to school life. These include a sensory room, a lunch club and a Thrive ‘home room’ where pupils can take time out. Thrive’s online tools allow for staff to keep tabs on individual pupils’ mental health and create tailored action plans.

Six years on, the results have been remarkable. Fixed-term exclusion rates have fallen from 35 days in the year to zero, the school has enrolled more pupils and Ofsted monitors have commended the schools’ progress in boosting pupil outcomes. Most notably, the school’s parental approvement ratings now sit at 100%

For all the details on how Thrive and Liskeard Hillfort’s efforts achieved this extraordinary change in fortunes, read the full story on Thrive’s website.