Strictly Education Surveys the Academy Trust Sector
May 30, 2022
Strictly Education Surveys the Academy Trust Sector

SEG company Strictly Education is conducting a major survey of academy trust leaders. This wide-ranging poll will provide a significant insight into the priorities, challenges and opportunities facing the academy sector in 2022.

In the wake of the government’s announcement that they wish to see all schools become part of multi-academy trusts by 2030, trust leaders are becoming increasingly important players in the education sector.

Strictly’s survey will collect their perspectives on pressing topics such as the growth of academy trusts, career development pathways within MATs and the potentials of the recent Opportunity for All White Paper. As the academy trust becomes the default mode of school administration, the survey’s results could serve as a useful repository of insights to inform policy and best practice.

Trust leaders can complete the survey here.

We look forward to examining its results in a few weeks’ time.