Judicium Education Contribute to Major New Report on Governance in Education
December 8, 2021
Judicium Education Contribute to Major New Report on Governance in Education

Supporting Education partners Judicium Education have contributed to an impactful new report on improving governance in the education and charity sectors.

Influential Executive Search firm Wild Search’s new report ‘Robust, Resilient and Ready’ offers a range of authoritative insights into the state of leadership in education and the third sector. The report brings together 10 chapters written by a range of thought leaders, including senior academics, heads of trusts, peers, directors, and Judicium Education’s Business Development Manager Georgina de Costa.

Georgina’s chapter, entitled ‘Dispelling Clerking Stereotypes encouraging Diversity, Equity and inclusion’, looks at the ‘unsung hero’ of school administrative life – the clerk to the governing board. Featuring testimony from real clerks who have benefited from Judicium’s bespoke training programme, Georgina’s submission shines a valuable light on an underacknowledged yet vital aspect of how schools are run.

The report can be read without charge at Wild Search’s website here.

Jeremy Kaye, Head of Clerking & Governance at Judicium, commented:

“I’d like to thank Georgina and the wider team at Judicium for taking part in this report. This contribution speaks to Judicium’s impact in supporting those returning to work. In addition, our extensive efforts in developing and financing clerking training are making a positive difference to levels of quality and competency in education. It is clear to me that all this work is paying off in the increased support we can give our clients.”

Supporting Education is proud to see our partner companies leading the conversation on education. We congratulate Georgina and everyone at Judicium for producing this important piece of work.